got problem – get solution

I have always held to the adage, “if you’ve got a problem, well, get a solution.”

Amerika has a problem. A ‘whiteness’ problem.

Of course amerika refuses to even acknowledge it’s ‘whiteness’ problem. The silly crackers think that denial is a river in Egypt.

There’s the cars they drive. Audis and BMWs and those ‘titanic’ SUV’s packed with snot-streaked rude children. The little darlings are not cute. Any time I see one of those annoying sticker thingys with the stick family pasted to a rear window, I want to toss a brick at the window.

DISCLAIMER – tossing a brick is inherently preferable than tossing a shotgun load at aforementioned window.


White people are simply annoying. The fuckers make me nervous and always have. It’s my problem and I concede that. I have never worked or played well with others.

If you think about it, white people are responsible for massive suffering all around our shared Planet Earth. Well that and death, devastation, misery, and Star Wars.

I’m NOT a Star Wars fan. Nope. The premise is ridiculous and besides, now that Lucas sold out to Disney the marketing will be exhausting. I’m fairly certain that Dodge Ram trucks are not used ever in any Star Wars universe.

Give me Star Trek or Neil DeGrasse Tyson every time.

So the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the “Oscars” people, handed out their annual award nominations and according to the movie whiteness gurus, there is not one single Black actor or director or producer or movie worth an ‘oscar’ piss. Not one. Not anywhere on/around/or near Planet Earth. Not Spike Lee, not Tyler Perry, not Ice T-Squared, not a one of the Wayans, not even Henry Louis Gates.

Why is that?

You see Hollywood is ruled by an old boys network of über-rich Jew boys. Really freaking rich. Oh yes and by the by, those über-rich Jew boys are exclusively empowered by their ‘whiteness’.

Did you know that Israeli Jews are so enamored with their ‘whiteness’ that they won’t allow Black Jews to live in Israel? THAT is also true as true can be.

You see, the über-rich Jew boys that rule Hollywood are still to this very day pissed off at Jesse Jackson. Oh that is true and their being pissed off at Jesse Jackson dates back to at least the early seventies.

Jesse Jackson has never pissed me off for any reason. Yes the man is a bit stuffy and long-winded and pretentious and a bit of a hound but I think Jesse has always meant well.

Jesse Jackson is NOT the Rev. Al Sharpton. Sharpton is an entirely different story and I don’t bother with Sharpton.

Oh crap, I digress. Sorry.

Anyway, a solution to the ‘whiteness’ issue is coming up right about pretty dang soon. Granted, my solution is not politically correct. I don’t do politically correct. Ever.

In per usual Graffica format, a solution to the issue of ‘whiteness’ –



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