be very quiet, there’s war

Amerika is at war. With just about every last Third World Nobody people that can be bombed indiscriminately.

Yes, the amerika is ever so butch.

The amerika is especially enamored with bombing them icky dang Mooselims.

Icky dang Mooselims anyway.

The amerika enjoys bombing them icky dang Mooselims almost as much as white amerikan cops enjoy executing Black children.

Sickening damn premise to say the least.

There is a reason for all the indiscriminate bombing and executing of children.


Ugly notion and obscene and profane and amoral and corrupt and goddamned cruel and so prototypically amerikan as to be blasé.

Most of amerika doesn’t bother to speak about the wars anymore. The amerikan people simply accept the insanity and aren’t bothered with consequences.

Did you know that all the heroin addiction washing across this ‘grate land of liberty’ is due to the endlessly quagmired shit-swamp that is the Afghaniscam? Where in the fuck might the amerikan people figure all that heroin is coming from?

Ask the Obomber’s generals running the wars. Ask the Wall Street corporate freaks that put up staggering amounts of cash to float the idiots running for the Office of POTUS.

I would imply that one might ask members of Congress. However, every last member of Congress is so inherently brain-dead that coherent inquiries would be pointless.


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