Jeb the under-Bush is having some difficulty with his run for the POTUS spot.

Evidently, Jeb being the brother of a war criminal is acting as a drag on his “campaign” and Jeb had to call in his mommy to save his ass.

This all transpired in New Hampshire while the clock ticks away the grueling minutes to the Tuesday primary.

You see New Hampshire will hold a primary election on this Tuesday the next and Jeb the under-Bush can’t get his own supporters, all three of them, to applaud after Jeb delivers one of his stirringly insipid speeches.

In New Hampshire, the burning bush does not speak with the “voice of god.”

Anyway, Jeb had to call up Babs Bush to come and inform the denizens of New Hampshire that in fact Jeb is okie-dokie and better than Donald Trump.

You’ll of course remember Babs Bush. Amerika’s original “enabling mother.”

“Mother do you think he’ll drop the bomb…”

see link –

That’s about a ringing endorsement there boy.

“Mommy, they’re being mean to me…”

It is a sad state of affairs for ‘we the amerikan sheeple’. Neither the Democraps nor the Regunlicans can offer up candidates that are worth more than fish guts.

All those in the running for amerika’s ‘executive prize’ are slimy, smarmy, corrupt, and lying sons-of-bitches unworthy of whatever attention is paid to them by the flame-stream media punditry.

I think the next POTUS should be Kofi Annan. I know that Mr. Kofi is not amerikan but neither is Ted ‘the canadian’ Cruz. At least Mr. Kofi is an honorable man and that can’t be said about Killary Clinton. That’s just me and I don’t count for a damn thing.

I’m comfortable with that.

graffica –



One thought on “mommy…

  1. When you have to prop up mom to help, the boy has issues for sure.
    Tubularsock is still not convinced that Jeb is out yet.
    He may turn out to look like the most reasonable of the lot!
    Zombies need a stake through the heart to stop them.

    Liked by 1 person

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