super bullshit sunday

It’s here!

The highest of amerikan high holy days.

Amerikan mothers will offer up their babies to the gods of football. (amerikan football of course)

Amerikan children will dance and sing with reckless abandon waiting, with almost breathless anticipation for their time to shine.

Groan men will wail and gnash their teeth in anxious expectation that they’ve covered the ‘spread’.

Full military regalia is on display…

Mooselims in locations all around our shared Planet Earth will be carpet bombed mercilessly…

Africans living in the darkest spots on the dark continent will be shot dead for affiliations with al-Shabaab and/or Boko Haram. You see, one African man’s freedom fighter is another Amerikan man’s “terrorist.”

Afghans will be tortured as will truth, justice, and the amerikan way…

Mountains of money will be earned by the NFL and no, the ‘players’ don’t get in on the action…

Beer will be swilled…

Chili con queso will be ingested by the ton…

Amerikans will be glued to their 97 inch slim-screens…

God will be seated in the divine ‘sky box’ to cheer on the “kickoff.”

Are you ready for some footsball?


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