honorable men and…

There are still a few honorable men and women in the amerika.

Not so very many but a few.

Men and women that aren’t trying to lie their way into your wallet.

Men and women that aren’t prostituting their way into some elected public office.

Men that aren’t beating the women in their lives.

Women that aren’t putting up with being beaten.

Men that are forthright and women that are forthright.

Men and women that aren’t trying to jam their particular brand of religion down your throat or trying to shame another amerikan into joining on to whatever god-accursed campaign of intolerance that might be vogue at the moment.

There is not ONE honorable man or woman in the campaign running for POTUS.

Not one.

The Donald is quoted as saying that “amerika needs to behead the jihadis.” I think I could support that doofus notion IF amerika first beheads it’s war criminals and lying politicians and Wall Street corporate banker whores and the babbling heads of the flame-stream media and oh yeah, Alec Baldwin. God, that man is annoying.

There are, luckily, constitutional prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment. Amerika probably needs a constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual politician. Or just cut their goddamn heads off before they get the chance to get started. A uniquely messy notion and I can concede that from the git.

Anyway, honorable men and women. These days it seems that honorable men and women are as scarce as hen’s teeth.

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