transitional tuesday

It’s the Chinese year of the monkey.

Golly, that seems ironic.

You know, on account of the amerika holding that ever so cloying quadrennial POTUS thing.

That quadrennial POTUS thing is mostly smoke and mirrors anyway.

Don’t believe the hype my friends, it’s all a trick.

Nothing is really going to change.

Cops will continue to execute Black children, Congress will continue to waste everyone’s time and money, the Afghaniscam will quagmire on and on, Syria will continue to burn as will Libya Yemen and Somalia, the amerika will threaten China and Russia, and at some point Madeline Albright will crawl back under the bridge she crawled out from under to ‘champion’ Killary Clinton.

Here’s a Chinese year of the monkey prediction for upcoming later this year –

The Regunlicans will nominate Mitt Rmoney as their candidate for POTUS. Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and the fat man in the bathtub will have cancelled one another out in a cross-spitting debate riot of horrendous proportion and the Regunlicans will have nowhere else to turn.

The Democraps will nominate John Kerry. Clinton and Sanders will get into a world class bitch fight in South Carolina where Sanders will scratch Clinton’s eyes out and stomp a mudhole in her chest. Sanders will be summarily arrested for being a dickwad. Bubba Clinton will then be free to finally marry Monica Lewinski and Bubba will purchase a new blue dress for Ms. Monica.

Amerika’s el Jefé Barack Hussein Obomber will announce that he’s taking the position as ‘official House Nigro’ for Goldman Sacks the Wall Street Greed Emporium.  That is probably not so much a prediction as an eventuality.

With 2016 being the Chinese year of the monkey, things will get rather jungle-like and chaotic. Besides, the dang monkeys have those crazy little monkey hands and the monkeys are always grabbing at stuff and being annoying. Almost like the Donald Trump…


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