scary stuff

Amerika’s two-faces of war party offer up some sparce fare for presidential consideration.

Amerika really only has the one party, the war party, with Democrats and Republicans being not so different from one another.

The wars grind on and people are killed mercilessly.

Amerika’s national security apparatus is histrionically spooking around every corner of amerikan existence.

“They’re keeping amerika safe.”

Do amerikans really feel safe?

The candidates running for the Office of POTUS don’t exactly instill an air of confidence. The dummies can’t manage to walk and chew gum at the same time so, there you go.

There’s another “debate” on this very evening. This “debate” will be the Republicans hissing and spitting at one another all over again and nothing of substance will be debated.

I seem to remember that ‘debates’ were a civil exchange of point-counterpoint with actual substance winning out in the end.

I could suppose amerika’s sad state of political exchange was inevitable. Institutional corruption having gutted whatever might have been “noble” about amerika’s system of governance. Amerika hasn’t the cajones to hold our national war criminals to account. Nor murderer cops. Maybe the national war criminals couldn’t help themselves. War criminality is all they know and so what should the amerikan people have expected? Torture? We got that. Genocide? We got that. Presidential leadership? We haven’t got that nor have we had that for a long time.

Can you imagine how fucked up our world could get were Ted ‘the canadian’ Cruz to become the POTUS? Hillary Clinton? The Madame Clinton is even more scary than that Canadian idiot.

Amerika is screwed and Red Hot Rider is NOT coming to our rescue.


3 thoughts on “scary stuff

  1. Sigh! So true! We are shamelessly pathetic, apathetic, complacent and hooked on Hollywood! Meanwhile, these clowns are parading around as if they are jockeying for the position of Kindergarten teacher. Can you just imagine what the rest of the world is thinking? For the love of …..!!!!!

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