totally missed it

Justice Whippy is dead?


I totally missed that little nugget.

It wasn’t until I read Ms. Shelby’s blog that I got up to speed on the demise of a Supreme.

Not anyone related to Diana Ross. No, the other Supremes as in Supreme Court.

Justice Tony ‘the whip’ Scalia was, according to one report, hunting with Dick Cheney in Texas and turned up dead.

I’ve always found the notion of “turning up dead” to be rather curious. If one happens to be dead, well, they sure as hell won’t be doing any turning. The dead mostly lay there inanimate and start to stink.

Every once in a while I shut the old PC off and ignore it completely. Did that on Saturday and spent the entire Saturday mostly doing nothing. I did take several naps and took my dogs out to pee and that was that.

Did you know that dead Scalia was an Opus Deite? Well he certainly was. Opus Deites are a Catholic curiosity that are worlds of enamored with self-flagellation.

Whip it whip it good…

Scalia was one of those. His business of course, however, Scalia’s bizarre take on Catholicism may have shaded his judicial temperament.

Whip it whip it good…

So with old Whippy being DOA, the Republican retarded candidates for POTUS have their panties twisted and squarely impacting their collective sphincters. Trumpet, Cruzer, Rubio, and Jebby the younger are squealing all to be damned about amerika’s el Jefé the Obomber naming a replacement for dead Justice Whippy.

By the by, el Jefé can do that. Name a new Supreme to replace the now dead and gone Justice Whippy. It says so in the Constitution of the United States of Amerika. There’s not a damn thing the Trumpet or the frothy Canadian Cruz can do about it.

I think that the Obomber should nominate Dr. Cornel West or maybe David Bryne or even Joey ‘juju’ Biden. For the Supreme bench and that’s just my opinion.

Every once in a while you get these nifty little splices of good news falling out the sky and there just might be a glimmer of hope. Hope that amerika’s judicial process may take a turn back towards some modicum of sanity. I’m not about to hold my breath. Hope is after all plausible. Just not very probable.

So let us all join hands with amerika’s el Jefé the Obomber and wave bye bye to Tony ‘the whip’ Scalia. Bye bye Whippy and have yourself one grand old time in hell.

Scalia was an asshole and that point isn’t up for debate.



10 thoughts on “totally missed it

  1. Awww gosh, wasn’t it just so kind of Jabba the Whip [thnx skulz] to give us all such a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift? And what a thoughtful gift this has the possibility of becoming over the course of 2016 — that is if the obadrone doesn’t phuq it up like he has everything else! But I ain’t bitter 😀

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  2. Thanks for giving a shout-out to me Skulz! Hiya luv!!!!

    You know I gots to be all in the know. And there are several versions of how ole Scaly bit the dust. I like your version, I mean, your truth just as much as I like mine.

    I just hope that Obombo would do us a fair turn seeing as how he reneged on all of his campaign promises and appoint another Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court! What a day, what a day that would be!

    Skulz, thank you for this most excellent post!

    I hope you and your lovely wife are having a great time on this Valentine’s Day!

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  3. Tubularsock’s mother always said, “If you can’t say something nice about someone don’t say anything at all.

    SO ……………………………………………………………., the fucker ……………………….!

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