cheesy bits and you’re a pee-un fungue

So 15 years ago come this October, the US went ballistic on the Afghaniscam. On account of that September 11, 2001 thingy. Messed up business there boy. The butch-boys of Bushco were going to kick some ass and not bother to take any names. Prisoners yes but, no names. Besides the bull heroin market, the only thing that came from Afghaniscam was Guantanamo. Amerika’s answer to hell-on-earth. It does remain quagmired and curious that the US is still warring in the Afghaniscam. The Afghan people will not be cowed. Not by the amerikans nor by anyone.

Refugees came flowing out of a war-torn Afghaniscam. Go figure.

So 13 years ago come this March, the butch-boys of Bushco went genocidally nuts on the sovereign people of Iraq. That pesky dang Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Not. It remains exceedingly curious that, to this day, Condoleeza Rice has never explained why the bitch would want to smoke wmd’s. There was and still is, something inherently war criminally wrong with Condoleeza Rice. There was and still is, something war criminally wrong with the entire butch-boy Bushco cabal.

Postmortem script change –

Condoleeza Rice wanted to smoke “nuclear mushrooms.” Which I could suppose might be wmd’s however, to be quite precise I edited the sentence. Belatedly of course.


Refugees came flowing out of a war-torn Iraq. Go figure.

Isn’t it sort of odd that people tend to flee the horror of genocide and war? Especially so when it’s the US/NATO working genocide and horror and death and torture and displacement and nifty bullshit like that there.

The US did, sort of, get out of Iraq. For a while. A very short while.

Filling in a brutally cruel timeline, Tunisia had a “revolution” and then Egypt had a “revolution” and, wait, did Egypt’s “revolution” come first? Oh crap, none of that hardly matters now.

Libya had a “revolution” and amerika’s new el Jefé the Obomber declared Libya to be in dire need of ‘humanitarian intervention’ and commenced to bomb the dog crap out of the Libyan people and then and then…

Refugees came a flowing out of a humanitarian interventioned Libya. Go figure.

Next up for “intervention” came Syria except the Syrian people were having none of that so, the US/NATO armed the former Iraqi army that had been summarily dismissed by the Viceroy Paul Bremer back in the Bushco Genocide on Iraq Vol. 2 version and politely encouraged the newly armed fighter guys to mess up Syria. In fact, Uncle Cranky the Senator John McCain (yes, the man is completely insane) took to the back streets of Syria to slap an Imperial Imprimatur on the jihadis/freedom fighters for Uncle US/NATO, okay take a quick breath and continue; there you go. Borders between Syria and Iraq were quietly dismantled to facilitate the mass slaughter of innocents and Syria becomes a war-torn mess as is Iraq being a war-torn mess and presto!

Refugees came flowing out of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and the occasional Palestinian that can manage to escape Israeli brutality and apartheid. Go figure.

What we have here is a refugee tsunami. The US/NATO has managed to displace millions of people and with millions of people having nowhere to park their displaced asses, well, the refugees flee to Europe. Now that fleeing to Europe motif is pissing off the Euros no end. What in the hell is Europe expected to do with several million displaced brown Muslim types that are caught callously in refugee limbo? You know, on account of the US/NATO’s ugly fascination with genocide and war and torture and horror and really funny shit like that there. I mean really…

Of course all this is hardly of any importance whatsoever. You see, Antonin ‘the whip’ Scalia cacked down in Texas and the Supreme Court of the United States of Amerika is short one racist pig of a justice and holy judicial apple carts, being short one racist pig of a justice for a nine man roster is politically insane. However, members of the Imperial US Senate are screaming like cut cats that they will filibuster any nominee put up by amerika’s el Jefé the Obomber on account of, well, on account of, wait, there’s no accounting for a collection of superior acting asshats such as the members of the Imperial US Senate. All the while –

Refugees are a flowing out of war-infested hot zones all around our shared Planet Earth and the Euros are pissed off.

Go figure.


14 thoughts on “cheesy bits and you’re a pee-un fungue

  1. So, my question is, “Has Europe learned that there is indeed a heavy price to be paid when they decided to become AmeriKKKa’s bitch?” You see, here in AmeriKKKa, the government gets to pick and choose the immigrants and how many refugees AmerKKKa will shelter, Europe doesn’t have that option and they didn’t realize that there would be a refugee crisis of this magnitude in their own backyard when they signed on to again, become AmeriKKKa’s bitch? HA! How do they like us now?

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  2. Man, when you list the ‘gentle and friendly Amerikan-style’ regime-changes, it’s readily apparent that “the program” is in an accelerated state.
    Just in the last 14 or so years, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, now Syria (only for the last 5 or so years), etc.,; plus a shit-ton of agitation and coup attempts all over the damned planet…
    Someone’s in a hurry to get some shit done…

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