According to Neil Diamond, “they’re” coming to amerika.

Immigrants of course.

Maybe on account of the US/NATO’s blitzkrieg destruction of nations scattered hither and yon across our Planet Earth. Folks no longer have homes nor places to live.

It is entirely possible if not wholly plausible, folks certainly did. At one time.

Of course folks will have to figure out how to hop skip and/or jump either the Atlantic or Pacific oceans and in theory anyway, those folks will be “welcomed” to amerika.

Sure they will.

Obviously “they” will have to endure Homeland Security screening. CDC blood testing. FBI ‘routine’ questioning. Cough up mountains of cold hard cash to the State Department for visas, waivers, favors, and stamping of official papers. Then…

The sorry fools will have to find places to live in welcoming communities all across the Homeland and live the great amerikan dream. With all the enslaving debt, bias, bigotry, and loving poverty that has to date made amerika such a wondrous place to squat.

If one were to hold any doubt as to the ‘welcoming’ nature of Homeland amerika, just ask amerika’s Native First Nation peoples how well things worked out with amerika’s “Grate White Fathers.”

Go ahead and ask them. I double dog dare you.

welcoming graffica –


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