vacuous and vapid


Celebrity dilettantantes  in historic bitch fight!

That’s right.

Kanye West versus Taylor Swift. West doesn’t like Swift and Swift finds West to be crude rude and socially unattractive.

The gloves are off and this should get ugly.

The Queen of Barbie Amerika isn’t about to tolerate jabs and cheap shots from hip-hop Kanye. Kanye finds Swift to be a no-talent hack and made the critical mistake of saying so.

There are billions of marketing dollars on the line here so, now the dust up is serious.

Money. That’s the problem.

Flawlessly white young lady being accosted by black man in public and back in the day, Kanye would be strange fruit. However, Kanye has adequate financial worth and so the man is untouchable by the hordes of incensed tweeners and war for now has been averted.

All this is of course utterly irrelevant. The real wars grind on, people are tortured unabated, and starvation rules the masses. Those absolutely undeserving of owning vast wealth live their lives in stylish comfort.

Yes, we live in a just world and with all things being equal at some future point Swift and West will kiss and make up. As long as the money is right and there’s proper media coverage.




4 thoughts on “vacuous and vapid

  1. As far as I am concerned, both have ZERO talent. Okay! Okay! I admit! I have never listened to anything by either of them and so I should keep my mouth shut about them, but then that is my point. They should just both keep their mouth shut!

    And now, back to hell on earth for refugees, the hungry, the unemployed, the incarcerated, the uninsured sick, the seniors choosing between food and medicine…… the shit continues to hit the fan!

    Great post Skulz!

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