at the mountains of moron

The amerika is awash in bullshit so deep, the stench has forced god almighty to don a gas mask.

Did you know that Canadian Cruz and Ben ‘cutter’ Carson were spotted having closet sex in South Carolina? It’s true, here’s the link –

The sick freaks even had the Secret Service stand guard outside their “closet” to coitus un-interruptus.

Having finished their bizarre business they shared a smoke and then got back to the business of spouting lies and political hysteria like tomorrow might not dawn over the Carolinas.

The Donald has extended his lead over the other retarded poseurs by talking shit so outrageously insane as to leave all other insanity weeping bitter tears on a sidewalk outside of Columbia’s Pig In A Blanket Restaurant. You see Columbia is the capital of South Carolina. Trump insists that amerikan army generals are dipping bullets in pig blood so as to shoot Muslims. That’s pretty freaking nuts even for the Donald.

Jebby Bush was seen buying burgers for ballots outside of a Mickey D’s. Jebby was just a touch emotional and kept pleading with people to like him to really really like him.

Killary Clinton and Bernie Sanders exchanged insults and threats of physical violence on account of Bernie finds the Killary to be a might bitchy while Killary finds the Bern to be a cranky old fart and undeserving of human consideration because the Bern is really a closet Communist.

Voters were encouraged by the Midget ex-Mayor of New York Mikey Bloomberg to keep the faith and boycott the vote on account of Mikey just might jump in the race later on.

Of course with the amerika still quagmired in wars all over the Planet, armpit deep in crimes against humanity and war crimes, wallowing in course hypocrisy, and simply being overtly rude, well, the amerika gets exactly what is deserved.


6 thoughts on “at the mountains of moron

      • My thoughts exactly and that is why I am constantly walking around sighing ALL the time!

        Hopefully, before November, I’ll have my fruit and veggies stand open for business in Guatemala! I know you suggested that I aim for Costa Rica but that place has a bad connection for me due to the fact that a guy I was dating wanted us to move there but he popped so much Viagra, he had a massive heart attack and died. Sigh! And there I go again with the sighs Skulz!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Guatemala can be a might sinister. Oh hell, there’s nowhere left that isn’t sinister. I tried the viagra once and when I didn’t get a four hour stiffy, it all seemed a bitter disappointment.

        Liked by 1 person

      • LOL! But at least you didn’t stick yer spoon in the wall over it! And for that, I’m glad!! LMAO!! Ooops! I mean, uh…SIGH!!

        I had to give another ‘SIGH’ for the dearly departed Viagra victim. So many victims, so many sighs!

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