alive in the heartless pits of hell

We’ll start off Monday with a curiously twisted report. Here’s the link –

So the guy gets jailed on a bench warrant for not paying an ambulance bill and dies, mysteriously of course in the Box Elder County jail, and there you go.

Obamacare working hard for the amerikan people. Hardly?

Now I know Box Elder County very well. Curiously white Mormon little berg where human compassion and tolerance are non-existent.

That could be said for any of Utah’s 29 counties. Utah is the homeworld bastion of the Mormon Borg. Resistance to the Mormon Borg is construed to be rude.

If one is not Mormon living on the homeworld bastion of the Mormon Borg well, one will be shunned, ostracized, frowned upon, and quite possibly end up dead. As did the poor sap in Box Elder County.

It has always struck me as wildly irrational why any person of color would want to join on to the Mormon Borg. I could suppose that the Mormon promise of being turned to “white” in the afterlife holds some freakish manner of allure. The dead guy in Box Elder County jail was white by the by. I’m simply making a point about people of color that are Mormon.

The news report offers NO explanation from the Box Elder County Sheriff how in hell the guy being held on a debtor’s warrant could end up dead.

The amerika can be one fucked up coldly callous and heartless place to eke out a living. Don’t pay an ambulance bill and you WILL find yourself dead in a Box Elder County jail cell.

Goddamn, that is messed up…


6 thoughts on “alive in the heartless pits of hell

  1. For the love of ……!!! And people wonder why I have to take a break, every now and then. This shit is enough to send anyone with an ounce of compassion off the rails.

    Here in Menacesnowta, low income people who file for their renter’s refund get that offset if they owe an ambulance bill. I volunteer helping low income people who don’t know how to file the tax forms and so I have to put my name down as the tax preparer and when they don’t get their refund, I get phone calls wondering if I’ve done something wrong because the letter comes well after the refund is due and I have to explain, again, that if a debt is owed to a qualifying hospital or ambulance service, that debt will be deducted from their refund. It is sad because many of these people look forward to that refund to fix up old cars so that they can do their essential shopping and get to a doctor’s appointment.

    Sigh! We’re out here in the trenches doing what we can, but it is just never enough when the laws are all designed to shit on the abject poor, huddled voiceless masses.

    Thanks Skulz!

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