the freakshow comes to town

You’ve got to admit that the Republican ‘win the POTUS prize’ kabuki presentation is about as bizarre a freakshow as to have ever come to town.

The Donald wants to “punch” some guy in the face? Well, step up tough guy. Threatening to “punch” someone in the face is NOT the same as actually punching a guy in the face. Old Donald would get his clock cleaned.

The Canadian Cruz and the Cuban Rubio are locked in a vicious bitch battle royale and at some point they’ll make feeble if not vain efforts to scratch each others eyes out.

The amerikan people seem comfortable with idiocy and empty rhetoric from the very fools they would elect to office. Shameful no doubt.

I would expect some intelligent reflection from the people that hold the keys to our world’s largest nuclear armory.

Democraps are no better. Killary Clinton versus Bernie the Geezer. I’m not certain that old Bernie could go ten rounds with the Killary. Killary would slip on a pair of brass knuckles and sucker punch Bernie when he was being polite.

Did you know that the Canadian Cruz wants to “deport 11 million illegals” from our amerika? All in one fell swoop. Good luck with that you fucking Canadian. Take off, eh?!?

Sorry, I’m getting just a shade pissy.

The amerika deserves better from presidential candidates. In theory anyway. Of course all this prattle is my opinion only.

I have lots of opinions which are mostly my own and I rarely apologize for spitting those opinions on our opinionated world.

I’m of the opinion that the amerika should leave 11 million illegals alone. On account of if one is not a Native born First Nations American, well then, you are a fucking illegal. I’d bet that any number of Native First Nation Americans just might agree. It is possible.

Amerika is mired in a longwinded contest of empty-headed buffoons parading their “stuff” and that “stuff” is mostly bullshit. Unintelligible bullshit at that.

Graffica –


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