super delegation

Killary Clinton won the Palmetto primary.

Whoop-de-doo and Killary winning South Carolina doesn’t speak highly for SoCarolinians.

The Donald won the KKK vote AND the French Nazi vote. See curious link here –

I’d bet you didn’t know that French Nazis were even vaguely concerned about the Donald.

Did you know that the Donald is infatuated with Marco Rubio’s ears? Evidently the Donald has an ear fetish. That seems an odd anatomical fascination. Here’s the link –

I think the Donald has a big hair fascination but I’m not certain you could infer that as a fetish.

The 2016 run for POTUS is insultingly ridiculous. By all the poseurs be they Democraps or Regunlicans.

Lies, counter lies, propagandized hypocrisy, vague innuendo, and media hysteria.

Did you know that to this very day, Bubba Clinton still holds a twisted obsession with blue dresses? Of course Bubba’s obsession involves semen stains and I’d bet that’s fetish if ever there was fetish.

If you think about it, Killary has never been seen in public wearing a blue dress. Hmmm, that’s conspiratorially curious no doubt.



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