super denigration

It makes sense that Alabama Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions would endorse the Donald. Sessions is a card carrying member of the KKK

You see, Davy Duke and the KKK endorse Trump for president. Old Beauregard gave the Alabama imprimatur to the Donald on Sunday last. Hmmm, that was yesterday.

However, the Donald doesn’t like wearing a KKK hoodie. The KKK hoodie messes up the Donald’s coiffure. Whatever.

Today is ‘leap day’. ‘Leap day’ is exactly the reason why the amerika holds it’s quadrennial presidential farce. Amerika needs one extra day to jam in all the peripheral bullshit associated with presidential elections. Gives all the poseurs an extra day to panhandle for “donations.”

Amerika’s presidential elections are about money. The amounts of money that would literally stagger King Midas. Midas was the king of Phrygia that could turn anything he touched to gold. Of course having a golden touch made mealtimes somewhat problematic. That and whenever it came time to get jiggy with the Mrs. King Midas. Ever heard of the “golden fleece?” The Greeks are pretty dang funny when it comes to myth. These days, Greece is about myth and migrants. Syrian migrants with the odd and occasional Afghan migrant jammed in the rubber dingy that might float across the Aegean from Turkey. You see Turkey doesn’t allow migrants to hang around the old Turk-land for more than about long enough to be jammed in a rubber dingy and set adrift towards Greece.

Did you know that the Turks and Greeks don’t get along? That’s historically true and the Turk dislike of Greeks is why the Turks keep floating Syrian and the occasional Afghan migrant off to Greece. Turk-land doesn’t want the Syrian migrants with the occasional Afghan sprinkled in for effect, so to piss off the Greeks, the Turks float those migrants off to Greece. Yes the Turk policy is some cold soulless gruel but, the Turk-land is a member in good standing of NATO and there you go.

You see, the US/NATO policy shit does not stink. No really it doesn’t. The US/NATO can fuck the world over with impunity bombing and waxing genocide damn near anywhere in/on/around Planet Earth and leave millions of people homeless and that IS okie-dokie. The ancillary torture and illegal rendition with detention are simply window dressing.

Remember back in the day when ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ was hot stuff on television? The Duke boys had a bloodhound and wasn’t that bloodhound named Beauregard?

The South and slavery shall rise again. That is if Jefferson Beauregard Sessions gets his way and a cabinet post from the Donald. Of course the Donald would have to actually win the office of POTUS.

Remember, it’s ‘leap day’ and existential leaps of logic are perfectly acceptable. Leaping the bullshit becomes mundane and the daily exercise in futility.


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