the conspiracy buck starts here

Here’s how we got from there to here –

September 11, 2001 was a black flag op that so staggered the amerikan people, it left ‘we the people’ wobbling and woozy. The 9/11/01 black flag op was perpped by amerika’s “secret government” in collusion with Wall Street corporate concerns. That set the stage for –

Invasion Afghaniscam and the Bushco War of Naked Aggression/Genocide on Iraq Vol. 2. In the Beltway shadows illegal rendition, detention, and torture becomes leitmotif.

The amerikan people are wobbling and woozy and not really paying much attention whatsoever.

The contrail conspiracy kicks in and amerika is being sprayed with ‘stupid spray’ raining down from the skies as the ‘stupid spray’ is ejected from those spooky dang commercial jets.

The amerikan people are wobbling, woozy, and not really paying much attention whatsoever.

The Bushco regime is mired in unconstitutional lawlessness replete with wanton war criminality and the amerikan people are distracted and bored.

The big banks fail and are bailed out by Congress. No one can be bothered to bail out the amerikan people and with the amerikan people being wobbling, woozy, and sprayed stupid, well, the amerikan people are wholly clueless as to where to look for a clue.

The Bush wars grind on and the wobbling woozy amerikan people are ground to distraction.

Amerika’s very first ‘black’ president gets elected in a landslide outpouring of voter disgust with the Bushco. It turns out that amerika’s first ‘black’ president isn’t black at all and secretly works for the big Wall Street banking/corporate concerns and couldn’t give a shit less about the amerikan people.

Amerika’s wobbling woozy and sprayed stupid people it turns out, are coming out of the racist closet in record numbers as a dose of racial reality hits the sheeple and amerika isn’t actually ready for a president that doesn’t look like a Norman Rockwell portrait.

The Bush wars grind on, amerika grinds on wobbling woozy and sprayed stupid, the Bush wars transition to the Obomber wars and so it goes. Amerika is mired in a financial crisis that is even still more distraction for sprayed stupid amerika and there you go.

Fast forward to an escalation of white cops executing young black amerikan men, social tensions are strained, anti-Muslim sentiment is on the increase, amerika unveils the paramilitary response to jihadi bombings in Boston, and the sprayed stupid amerikan people are getting edgy. Prolonged exposure to government generated fear will have that effect.

Fast forward to election cycle 2016 and a wobbling woozy sprayed stupid amerikan people are now afraid and ripe for the fascist picking. Enter Donald Trumpf playing the Nazi card and with amerikans being sprayed stupid and wandering the Homeland wobbling woozy, well, there you go.

Faster forward to about August 2016 and the riots break out. It is by design of course. Martial law is declared for wobbling woozy and sprayed stupid amerika and done is done. The amerikan grand experiment with democrazy is called to an abrupt end and the remaining national spoils are divvied up amongst amerika’s ruling elite. Any protesting the stark reality of amerika’s demise is dealt with in harsh Guantanamo fashion, minorities are summarily rounded up, and anyone refusing to wear a brown shirt gets beaten severely about the face and neck then warned to never ever do that again.

So on this here ‘super tuesday’ celebration of political bullshit and farce, take a walk outside and breath deeply the contrail spray and kiss any remaining functional brain cells a sweet bye-bye and live in compliant duplicity. I’d bet you never considered your credit cards to be actual chains of slavery.


graffica –


7 thoughts on “the conspiracy buck starts here

  1. So, what you’re saying is that “We’re good??!!!” j/k

    We are shit-brained and that’s for sure! Thing is see? We like being shit-brained ’cause we don’t have to think about nothing but shit!

    Excellent post! Most excellent! You said it ALL!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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