live – from the dark


That’s right, it’s the Mittens his very self and old loser Rmoney is giving a “fireside” to call out the glaringly obvious failings of the Donald Trumpf. Live from the University of Utah Campus right here in Salt Lake City. Tonight! Yes tonight and that would of course be, Thursday the 3rd day of March 2016. Beware the Ides of March and Mittens Mormon Republicanism.

Notice –

Well excuse the bejeepers outta me – Rmoney gave his speech at 9:00 a.m. and that is Mountain Standard Time from the Hinckley. I thought the Rmoney was speaking Thursday night. My bad.

Okay, un-notice.

Well lah-dee-dah.

Trumpf is a phony and a fraud, according to old Mittens, and the Trumpf is playing the amerikan sheeple for suckers. Noooo way…

I find that Mittens Rmoney putting the Mormon smackdown on the Donald Trumpf to be a clear case of the old pot calling a newer kettle black.

Mittens Rmoney is passé without doubt.

The Trumpf has the Republicans worked into a lathered frenzy. What a freak show.

All this psycho-dramatic kabuki theater is merely distraction and irrelevant bullshit. The theatrics won’t stop the suffering of people that are under a US/NATO gunship and bombing runs will continue unabated.

Meanwhile and back at the White House, the Obomber and his close advisors will be huddle in the basement ‘situation room’ jumping up and down on the furniture and chanting in unison “we want to kill we want to kill we want to kill Afghans and Syrians and Libyans and leave Palestinians for the Jews.”

Sick freaks for sure.

The Trumpf dustup is growing boring. Were pentecostal Canadian Ted Cruz to somehow kidnap the Republican nomination, our world will have real issues then.

Come the first Wednesday after the first Tuesday in November 2016, we’ll all know with a certainty how much time is left for our Planet Earth. Should the Madame Clinton win the “prize”, well, Clinton would elevate Sa-man-hands Power to be SecState and Sa-man-hands enjoys burning babies alive even more than Dark Cheney.

Either outcome, democrap or republican, will merely ensure that just about everyone on our precious Earth will be screwed and mostly everybody will not have had a voice or say on the subject at hand. The subject at hand besides the subject of Sa-man-hands Power’s love of butchery, would be amerikan elections and unintended consequences.

And now for an interjection of tranquility and a brief moment for art. For art’s sake of course.

Graffica –


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