bigger than yours

The Republican hunt for a red october has come down to the remaining poseurs boasting about who’s got the bigger dick. Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, and the Trumpf were arguing that very subject at Thursday night’s “debate.”

Dick size is relatively important in amerika’s postmodern presidency.

What the idiot Republicans fail to understand would be, Killary Clinton would win outright any dick measuring contest and embarrass the bejeepers out the Republican gang of four. Not even Bubba Clinton will measure dick size with the Killary.

Here’s a link to the dick measuring details –

In the next Republican “debate”, the boys will be lined up on stage and then drop their pants and whip out the wieners so the amerikan people can decide who in fact is hung like a plow mule and whom should simply be hung by the neck until dead.

Judas H. Priest, the insipid freaks should be laughed out of town. It would certainly be more amusing were the gang of four bitch-slapped soundly and directed to stand in a corner for a reflective time out.

Remember the famous line from the book ‘The World According To Forrest Gumpf’? “Stupid is as Republican does…”

I may have made some minor ‘editorial’ changes for effect. Maybe.

Graffica –


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