heil trumpf

So the Donald Trumpf is holding a torchlight soirée in Florida I believe and, amerika’s junior Mussolini gets all his little Trumpeteers to swear allegiance to the Trumpf. In true Nazi-esque fashion. This bizarre event happened on Saturday which just so happens to have been yesterday. Here’s the link –


In somewhat modified format, here’s the Trumpf “pledge” –

I (state your name), do solemnly swear Sieg Heil Trumpf and the United States of AmeriKKKa, and for the Reich to be great again, one nation under assault, confused and ready to deport Mexicans and them damn icky Mooselims. Oh yeah and we’d better torture the fuckers first.

His Trumpf-ness did not indicate when his plans for ameriKKKan Kristallnacht will be put into action.

The Trumpf is straight up fucking dangerous and narcissistically insane.



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