in your guts…

“In your guts, you know he’s nuts.”

Political sloganeering from a way back in the day. From a way back in the day when LBJ was landsliding all over Barry Goldwater.

You see, Goldwater was in fact scarier than the Trumpf. Goldwater championed the use of nuclear weapons and was quite open about dropping the bomb. LBJ was a shade more temperate about using nukes and old ‘big ears’ Lyndon felt it was easier to bomb the Vietnamese than having to nuke our Planet.

By the by, LBJ did in fact bomb the Vietnamese relentlessly. Goldwater did in fact lose that 1964 presidential election and the election wasn’t even close.

Yesterday’s news no doubt.

Insanity is what holds relevance for today’s postmodern political kabuki freak show and should the Donald Trumpf actually ‘win’ in November, he’ll have his finger on amerika’s nuclear triggered arsenal. Amerika has one nasty-ass and seriously large nuclear arsenal. Russia pulls up a close second with the UK probably third just a nose-length Trident ahead of the Chinese.

There are entirely too many retardedly insane politicians at the controls of damn dangerous nukes. Bombs, missiles, atomic death spray, and nuclear smoking mushrooms that scare the bejesus out of Condo Rice.

I find that I’m not really scared or intimidated by nuclear weaponry. For some asshat political clown to actually USE nuclear weaponry, well, that scares the crap out of me. Any outbreak of nuclear weaponry in use would in fact be the end of our precious Island-In-Space. That point doesn’t even need to be debated by the Trumpf/Cruz/Rubio/Clinton/Sanders cotillion of corrupt poseurs.

The Trumpf maintains that torture should be in play for torturing jihadis. Evidently the Trumpf is comprehensively clueless as to the Geneva Conventions. I think that the Trumpf is clueless about soo many different issues. However and to be fair, that clueless motif applies to Cruz/Rubio/Clinton/Sanders and/or any ‘other’ damn blind fool currently in the running for POTUS.

We the amerikan sheeple have been betrayed by the very dumbasses that we elect to “govern” this shameless whoredom. Theoretically, we’ve a fairly good plan for governance. We parted ways with that theoretical plan a long time ago and amerika’s voting herd of dummies have only themselves to blame.



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