international women

Congratulations ladies, today is your day. Your lucky day. One whole day to celebrate your being women.

No glass ceilings, no beatings, no being berated for nursing children in public, and none of that ‘man’ crap.

All the sanctimonious men that rule our Planet have joined together to grant you one day of reprieve.

No, the women won’t be receiving raises in their paychecks. No, the women won’t be granted equal rights.

Remember ladies, let’s not get overly uppity.

Victoria’s Secret is hosting a special “swimsuit” edition of Women’s Wear Minimal to highlight your being women and eye candy. Absolutely nothing says ‘International Women’s Day’ like Victoria’s Secret models sporting skin on the television.

They love to watch her strut.

Just think ladies, in the amerika you have the opportunity to elect a “real woman” to the Office of POTUS. Not drag queen Teddy the Canadian Cruzer. Oh no. I’m talking Killary. Amoral and coldly callous and conniving and murderously corrupt real bitch of a woman. Killary is the odds-on party designee. Democraps have a laser-like focus on anointing Killary as their heir apparent to el Jefé the Obomber and the game is rigged against old Bernie just to make damn sure that the ‘commie bastard’ Sanders hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of gaining their nomination. That’s why the democrappers put little Debbie Wasserman-Schmutz at the controls of the “Party.” To make damn sure that Bernie either dies of old age or withers on the vine trying to gain any traction with voters.

Game, set, and match is rigged against.

International Women’s Day.

Huzzah for you ladies and isn’t our world just a caring and accepting place for the women and young ladies and girls and god bless your femininity.

They love to watch her strut. Even god loves to watch her strut.

Now remember ladies and so as not to cause any confusion, Killary Clinton is not actually a woman but then, neither is Bruce Jenner or whatever in hell the silly freak is calling itself these days. Caitlin? Whatever.

Of course, Condo Rice is not a woman nor would be Angela Merkel or Madeline Albright. Sa-man-hands Power is so not a woman that she actually has hands bigger than Michael Jordan. Yikes!

I think that Michelle Obama is a woman. Gracious and respectable. I think that Michelle Obama is more of a woman than Oprah or Barack. I don’t think that Michelle has killed anyone and that can’t be said for Killary.

The seminal problem with and for Killary would be her innate talent for human slaughter. The bitch enjoys it. I think that most women would abhor human slaughter. However and being stuck in the ‘man’ gender, I’m taking existential leaps of logic in making suppositional speculations on what any woman may in fact think about any subject one may in fact care to speculate on. Over? Whatever.

Anyway, enjoy your International Women’s Day all you ladies out there and let us all hope and pray that you don’t, on this day anyway, fall prey or victim to some neanderthal motherfucker that enjoys pounding on women. Or worse…


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