nothing from nothing leaves…

Bernie Sanders “wins” a Michigan primary. The Madame Clinton asks, “so what?”

The erstwhile ‘head’ of the DNC, one little Debbie Wasserman-Schmutz, maintains that Clinton is still a shoe-in for the Party’s nomination. The game is rigged says Wasserman-Schmutz.

The Trumpf juggernaut keeps juggering and the Republican establishment hasn’t a clue as to how to stop the Donald. Evidently the Republican establishment doesn’t understand how a voting process works.

The amerikan people will cut their noses off to spite their faces every time. That is not big news nor even breaking news.

In seriously serious breaking news, the Pope has announced that “God is officially dead and humanity is on it’s own.”

Damn, we are really in a bad way now.

Hopeless graffica for a hopeless hump day –


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