being black at a brownshirt convention

So the Trumpf is holding a torchlight celebration for his “supporters” in North Carolina and a particularly touchy old fart decides to sucker punch a black protester for protesting fascism. Here’s a link to the highlights –

One John McGraw, 78, took the cheap shot at Rakeem Jones as Mr. Jones was being “escorted” from the torchlight Trumpf soirée. Mr. Jones took issue with Trumpf’s bigotry and hate-fueled bombast. Can’t blame Mr. Jones for that and Mr. Jones was exercising his constitutional right as accorded by the First Amendment. However, Trumpf and John McGraw find that the First Amendment does NOT apply to blacks nor anyone that doesn’t adhere to the Trumpf’s version of events and constitutional guarantees.

Oh yes and by the by, John ‘quick draw’ McGraw suggests that he will “kill” Rakeem Jones the next time he (McGraw) sees Mr. Jones. Remember now, old quick draw is 78 and Mr. Jones seems to be a rather fit and much younger man. Of course after Mr. Jones was suckered smacked by cranky old guy, Mr. Jones gets rousted by Trumpf security, physically abused, and then “removed” from the hallowed ground of fascism burning.

John McGraw will never get another chance to sucker punch Rakeem Jones and should our cranky old fool actually decide to venture off to “kill” Rakeem Jones, well, old quick draw may in fact have bitten off more than he can chew. Put up or shut the fuck up old man. Sucker punching someone at a Trumpf gathering is not the same as actually punching someone on the street.

Therein lies the problem with Trumpf and his neophyte fascists, lots of big mouthed bombastic bigotry and not much else. Actually, nothing else.

John McGraw would do well to remember that the sucker punch game works both ways and payback generally happens on the street where there is no Trumpf security to insure that throwing a sucker punch will land a mark on a being escorted off the premises black man.

I think that it is entirely possible that civil war will return to the ameriKKKa. That civil war will not be North verses South this time. The next amerikan civil war will be the underclasses versus the overclasses and it will be ugly and bloody and way overdue.


2 thoughts on “being black at a brownshirt convention

  1. No matter how often this shit occurs, Tubularsock is just plumb amazed just how STUUPID some people happen to be. Funny how prejudice works. Tubularsock’s prejudice could see the young man popen’ the old dude but for a grown man in his 70’s to act like that ……. It is interesting that the old shit made it into his 70’s!

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