pig parade

Trumpf had to cancel a nazification soirée he had planned for Chiraq and that was Friday the 11th day of March 2016. A rather “sizable mob” had gathered to protest the Trumpf event and there were concerns the whole affair was to turn ugly if not outright violent.

Wow, go figure.

Here’s a link to the juicy bits –


You see, the Trumpf plans to make amerika hate again and there are genuine Americans that find the Trumpf and his bombastic bullshit to be utter crap-on-a-crisp if not obscene and offensive drivel.

Trumpf is a symptom of amerika in nervous breakdown mode. That grand experiment in democrazy, it turns out, is a bust.

A failed experiment in democrazy that just so happens to own our world’s largest weaponized nuclear arsenal will prove itself to be problematic. For all life on our Planet Earth.

Trumpf IS a scary proposition but so would be the Canadian Cruz or Killary Clinton. Damn…

we’re screwed.


6 thoughts on “pig parade

  1. Skulz, you and your good wife are welcome to get into the leaky boat with me and get to bailing! I am going to get into the leaky boat, regardless. Hell if I’m staying here for the resulting shit storm to end all shit storms. For the love of ……! This is some crazy shit!

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    • I’m not leaving this here grand old u s of hey ain’t we grate. Nope. Not a motherfucker worth their weight in redneck is running me off. Not a slimy nazi, not a crazed half-jack mormon, I’m standing this ground on account of I am that obstinate. Fuck them, fuck their fascist racism, fuck their insane hate-mongering punkism, and the swaybacked goats they road to town on. Besides, I can’t get a passport as I tried a way back in the Bushco regime days. State department did take my money though. Fuckers…

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      • Be of good cheer M’Lady, things are only to get worse. If you decide to bolt, I’ve heard that Costa Rica is welcoming to amerikan ex-pats. Very soon the rotting halls of amerikan institutional corruption will crash and fires shall burn. Stars shall fall from the sky and the moon turn red. Pigs shall sprout wings and take to flight. Prophets shall reap even still more profit and the amerika shall burn the fires of more war. Wee small children shall run in circles shouting and fear shall overcome the amerikan sheeple.
        that last part might have already happened.
        You are my radical sunshine and don’t you ever forget that.

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      • Ahhh, Skulz, datgone it, you done gone and made me cry! People probably won’t believe this, but I can actually simply adore someone online and I have never met them. And I just adore you. Through your words and your graphics, they say something about who Skulz is and what he believes in and about his heart. It comes over loud and clear and I absolutely love your heart.

        It would be my dearest wish on this earth if I could have met you and Tubularsock and Sojourner and Linda and Dr. Bramhall and so many others because each and every one of you occupy a place in my heart and you will never leave it! I hope you know that. No matter where I go or where I end up and whatever condition I am in when I get there, I will never forget you guys, NEVER!!! And if I can get to a computer, you can be sure that I will say something to each and everyone of you!

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