trumpstart – the age of hellish darkness

please to note – the term “trumpstart” is used by permission from the proprietor and wordsmith of the term. Thank you Shelby Courtland and you rock!

AmeriKKKa is on the verge of a national nervous breakdown. Wait…

AmeriKKKa has jumped headfirst into that national nervous breakdown. AmeriKKKa is a land of desperation on the cusp of madness.

Platitudes, hype, bullshit, histrionics, bluster, and insanity rule just about each and every day. Splashed proudly without rhyme or reason by the lamestream infotainment concerns. You know the ones, ABCBSNBCNNMSNBC and of course the raving freaks on FauxNews.

The Donald Trumpf flaunts his neo-nazi hate rhetoric and goes unchallenged by journalists that are allegedly in the business of challenging all that is glaringly stupid. Trumpf panders to the basest of AmeriKKKa’s violent instincts and actual AmeriKKKans buy into his lunacy.

AmeriKKKans supporting the Trumpf are scarier than the dumb ass championing delusion.

AmeriKKKa’s fascination with a return to the ‘dark ages’ has been brewing for a long time. Civil war is building to a national climax and the inevitable orgasm will be one brutally ugly bloodbath.

On a completely unrelated and possible glimmer of hope kind of subtle twist of fate, Cuyahoga County District Attorney Timmy McGinty that refused to prosecute the asshole cops that assassinated Tamir Rice for being black and 12 years old while playing in a park, insert breath here, lost his bid for re-election to the office of Cuyahoga Torquemada. No shit. One insensitive racist freak down and only about several thousand at the controls of government and justice in the AmeriKKKa are left to ditch.

One loony freak gone and twelve more loony freaks pop up and start raving.

It should be noted that the Donald Trumpf would be the clown-prince of raving lunatics. It should also be noted that if the crazy fucker were to actually ‘win’ the Office of POTUS, he’ll have his finger on the nuclear trigger of our world’s single most dangerous and lethally large nuclear weapons arsenal. That is straight up insane…


8 thoughts on “trumpstart – the age of hellish darkness

  1. Life was so much nicer b4 I started reading about the mo-Rons who would be prez … now I can’t STOP reading about them, and that leads to drinking waaaay too much wine! This goddamned country is gonna be the death of me, if not from a heart attack then probably one of those ‘brownshirts’ breaking down my door b/c I had the audacity to suggest we GUILLOTINE HER REPREHENSIBLE CUNT[on]! And I honestly don’t know what’s worse — mein trumpf or that other bleached blonde; look at it this way, HRC is postmenopausal and I KNOW what that does to a woman’s mind! 🙂

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  2. Thank You! Thank You! Excellent Post! And of course, I love to see my name in ‘lights’! I am such an attention seeker! I love ya Skulz!

    But please to remind Trump, that if he does indeed ascend or descend to the presidency; depending on which way you look at it, if he were to ‘hit’ the red button, his ass would get just as fried, toasted and nuclear roasted as mine would. Shall we commence to sending that shithead an email, informing ‘His Stupidness’ of that little fact? I anxiously await word from the ‘Intelligence Squad’, those of us who are not inbred to the point that we would stick our finger in a live outlet and not expect to go “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!”

    Excellently done, as usual Skulz!!!!

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      • I knew you’d like it! Great minds and all that jazz!

        Btw…I am still howling that song by Sam Cooke you sent me. I seriously wish I could sing. Got ta close the windows on the wolves howling. Sheesh!

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      • You just had to bring Marvin Gaye up didn’t you? I absolutely adore his music. I just put ‘Let’s Get It On’ on repeat and go with the flow.

        And yes, I believe he was, a prophet, that is. His songs about what we do to each other, the planet and about taxes and everything is just so on point, it is amazing. That man had so much depth to him and it is SO very sad what happened to him. But I have his CDs still and of course, he is on my iPod. It also saddens me when I watch the videos and see the same things playing out now that he sung about, decades ago. It shows that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Man never learns, nor does he ever grow! He just destroys!

        Thank you Skulz!

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