mormons love condescension

Donald Trumpf set foot on the Mormon Homeworld yesterday, Friday the 18th day of March 2016. In fact all of the poseurs for POTUS 2016 set foot on the Mormon Homeworld on Friday. Teddy the Canadian will make aliyah to the Homeworld on this fine day which just so happens to be Saturday the 19th day of March 2016. Bernie came and went as did that mystery guy from Ohio.

Hillary was a no-show. There are no votes for the Madame Clinton a way out here in red-meat Utah. The Madame Clinton was asked why she wasn’t going to stop in Utah and the Madame herself responded, “what’s a utah?”

Utah gets that alot.

Anyway, the Trumpf claims to “love Mormons.” Trumpf doesn’t love Mitt Rmoney and said so. That’s understandable even for the Trumpf. Mitt Rmoney is one smarmy and creepy pedophile. Most adult Mormon males are pedophiles. Pedophilia goes part and parcel with Mormondom. Mormon pedophilia is mostly irrelevant to the Trumpf being on the Homeworld and loving Mormons but not Mitt Rmoney. Mitt Rmoney is Mormon of course.

Don’t get me wrong, Mormons are pretty close to harmless. Just don’t leave them alone with your children male or otherwise.

The Trumpf came to town so he could condescend to the Mormons right before the Utah caucus coming up real quick on Tuesday night. That would be March 22, 2016.

You see, the Trumpf doesn’t really “love Mormons.” The Trumpf doesn’t really “love” anyone but himself. Which is perfectly narcissistic of Trumpf. Trumpf is the sun and the moon and the stars at night and is comfortable with the arrangement.

You see one more time, Mormons are a malleable people and mercilessly obedient unto whatever their ‘bishops’ tell them to do. Herd mentality is a manageable scenario and comes in handy come election time. Trumpf knows that and Mitt Rmoney should know that but apparently, old Rmoney is still trapped exhaustibly a way back in 2012.

Rmoney is certainly entitled to be trapped in whatever time frame he finds enlightening. The Trumpf is certainly entitled to condescend to the Mormons to his black heart’s content. Mormons get absolutely giddy anytime really big named entertainers hit the streets of Homeworld central.

Hmmm, maybe that’s the point of the AmeriKKKan experience. ‘Entitled’. The grate AmeriKKKan sheeple are entitled to be lied to by politicians and whichever fool will smile greedily in the general direction of our grand experiment in democrazy. Donald Trumpf eyes Republican Mormon delegates to be gleaned come the Tuesday next and our insipid Rmoney eyes relevance and redemption from his humiliating loss to AmeriKKK’s el Jefé the Barrack Hussein Obomber back in the last POTUS election.


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