good? theoretical theology – an overview

According to the Gospel’s narrative, a Friday was the day that Jesus got himself crucified by the Romans. Of course Jesus was beaten severely about the face and neck first by those aforementioned Romans with a dash of torture tossed in for effect.

You see, Jesus was ‘rejected’ by Judea’s ruling class Jews (Pharisees , Sadducees, and those ever so annoying Scribes) on account of and according to Gospel narrative, Jesus irritated the bejesus out of the upper kosher crust. Upper class? Caste? Whatever.

It really is a dark tale of intrigue, betrayal, hypocrisy, and self-absorbed dogma. Later on it came to be revealed that Jesus died for “our sins.” Personally, I think it more likely Jesus died from being beaten, tortured, and then crucified. Damn that has so got to hurt.

So Jesus was crucified dead and buried. Three days later on Easter Sunday, Jesus resurrected. Was resurrected? Semantic suppositions? That is ‘semantic’ and not “semitic.” I am not trying to piss off the Jews. The Jews are about ten hairs short of being raving baboons as things stand on any day. Damn touchy if you ask me and it is a given that no one did. Ask me.

Friday dead and buried then three days later, by any logical counting of days, would be a Saturday then a Sunday and THEN three days later would be a Monday. I think orthodox christianity doesn’t know how to count.

None of it really matters these days. Ripping good yarns do not necessarily have to hold any solid evidence or fact or whatever. Not in the face of suspended belief or religious mythos. To the point –

How does christianity justify calling the day Jesus gets crucified as “good?” Jesus was cacked in a damnably horrific manner. That’s “good?”

No it isn’t.

Oh wait, modern ameriKKKan christianity embraces that entire torture unto death motif. Just you ask Teddy the Canadian Cruz how badly he’d like to torture Muslims. Teddy the Canadian quite literally ejaculates all over himself at the mention of Muslims and torturing Muslims launches our shaky speaking in tongues Cruz into orgasmic orbit. Of course most of what passes as modern christianity, pentecostal and/or otherwise, embraces all manner of post industrial war criminality. Torture, illegal rendition, illegal detention, wars of naked genocidal aggression, humanitarian intervention, drone warfare/assassination, human trafficking, misery, and human suffering that leaves the crap endured by Jesus as pale in comparison.

On an unrelated note, I find it hysterically funny that Teddy ‘jibberish’ Cruz and Donald Trumpf are in a world class cat fight. At some point Teddy might punch the Trumpf square in his yip. I’m waiting to see that like I haven’t waited on anything for a long time. Give him the old Canadian one/two. You can do it Teddy…

Meanwhile and back on message –

“Good Friday?” Yeah yeah, sure sure. Did you know that somewhere in the New Testament as “allegedly” written by the Apostle Paul, he (Paul) writes that “there are none good, no not one.” Book of Romans I think. Hmmm, I suppose that’s unrelated too.


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