sanctity of the restroom

Patrick Lloyd McCrory (Retarded – North Carolina) who just so happens to be the governor of an already mentioned N.C., has sworn an holy oath and solemn vow to protect and defend the sanctity of the restroom. That would be restrooms in North Carolina. McCrory is planning on protecting and defending North Carolina restrooms from those ever so annoying and sneaky dang transgender types that have upset and unsettled legislators in North Carolina.

Denizens and residents of North Carolina should be afraid, very afraid, of transgender types.

Sanctity of the restroom?

Bully-boy McCrory is so dead damn serious about protecting and defending the sanctity of North Carolina restrooms that he is going to place transgender inspectors at the door of each and every restroom in the hallowed restrooms of North Carolina. McCrory has authorized the creation of the Office of North Carolina Homeland Security PeePee Inspectors AND anyone needing a go pee in North Carolina will for now and forever more have to have their genital junk properly inspected and certified by NCHSPPI so as to determine that indeed and for historical record, their peepee junk is for reals and in proper working order and not in some bizarre and twisted surgical manner altered. Here’s a link to some monumental idiocy that defies logic and human reason –

North Carolina faces backlash

Lunatics are indeed at the controls of the ameriKKKan asylum and may ‘god’ have mercy on our collective soul.

Get it?

Collective Soul…

Please to see one more link –

and now it’s on to even still more esoteric Graffica from yours truly. Oh yes and by the, that girl named Sandy was real. :}

Graffica –





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