sometimes it all just sucks

I had to put my dog down. Yesterday to be very specific.

Turns out my dog had cancer. He never even so much as lost a step until he missed jumping into the CRV several days back and bellyflopped into the back.

It all went south after that.

Chance Goldeneye Thunder Dog. Best damn dog I ever had.

I’m closing up shop for a while.

I’ve a serious case of my dog died blues.

I’ve also a serious case of had about enough political bullshit and the nazi antics of trumpf and his band of miserable punks. What a sorry collection of sons-of-bitches if ever there was a sorry collection of sons-of-bitches. The idiots pepper-sprayed a fifteen year old girl at a trumpf rally. That’s punk.

Anyway, my dog died. His suffering is over…


8 thoughts on “sometimes it all just sucks

  1. As you know my dog died a few months back Don, so I feel your pain and I’m sorry to hear of your loss. There is no over-stating how much a dog enriches one’s life, and hopefully vice versa. He was a beautiful boy. X

    – esme hugging Don upon the Cloud

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  2. Now that is truly sad news. Tubularsock has had this experience several times and each time is just as difficult as the next. They give their all for you and really don’t ask for much except love.

    And they are always a 100% for you. Few times in life do you get that kind of dedication.
    Really sorry for you, Don.

    Going to miss your daily sortie into the world at large. Tubularsock’s favorite morning read!
    Things will settle out for you and hey, all the bull shit will just stack up for your return.

    The Force Is You,

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      • This is exactly why I refuse! Never again! I just can’t take it! Growing up we had so many animals and when each one of them died, it was like holding a funeral for a loved one. The tears just flowed and flowed. That kind of pain, I just cannot take. They love you, unconditionally. They are never judgmental or angry at you or obnoxious, they are just there for you, until they’re not and it can be devastating when they die.

        I am so very sorry Skulz and I might add, sorry additionally because I am so late getting to this one.

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