the ugly ameriKKKan

AmeriKKKa holds a sick fascination with murder.

AmeriKKKans kill an inordinate number of people each and every day.




All around our shared Planet Earth, AmeriKKKa kills people.

All this murder is of course shameful. However AmeriKKKa works under the rules of complete impunity so, there you go.

AmeriKKKa is also fascinated with baby rape. See the link here –

AmeriKKKa presents a clear and present danger to the Earth we all must share.

Troubling troubles and there’s not much to debate regarding what is and what should never be.

graffica –


2 thoughts on “the ugly ameriKKKan

    • Well, I certainly wouldn’t want another kid stealing MY crayons Tubularsock! I mean, gee whiz, we gotta draw the line somewhere. Now, excuse me while I hand my 2-year old a Glock to take with him to daycare! We’re just exercising our 2nd Amendment rights, doncha know? LOL! j/k

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