hickory dickory

Andy Jackson got the boot.

Jackson you may remember is a long dead POTUS that’s featured on the $20 dollar bill.

Old Andy was quite the charmer. Slaver, genocidal madman, warmongering buffoon, and well, one offensive asshole.

Jackson is wholly responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Native AmeriKKKans from Georgia, Florida, and southern states like that there.

Trail of Tears as it’s known these days. Probably in those days as well.

You see, Native American lives didn’t matter. Not then and certainly not now.

AmeriKKKa is notorious for brutal repressions of those not WASP or otherwise affiliated with the upper castes.

So Andrew Jackson will be removed from the $20 dollar bill and be replaced by Harriet Tubman. Fiery abolitionist and famed Black woman.

Wow, is that some karma or what.

Jackson will also be remembered for defying the Supreme Court. You can google Jackson’s lawless defiance of ameriKKKan law. AmeriKKKan presidents tend to be a law unto themselves and always have been.

Bye bye Andy. We’re almost certain that your stay in Hell is a richly deserved reward.


One thought on “hickory dickory

  1. So Andy War[ass]hole “didn’t see that coming” — that would undoubtedly be b/c he didn’t consider anything outside of himself to be important enough to ‘see’! 🙂

    I might actually have to start using 20s again just to spread the news that for every 10 idiot things we do in this country at least we get 1 right occasionally!

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