rest room apocalypse

the last straw.

the final nail in a coffin.

it’s over and the fat lady can’t find a pot to pee in.

the fat lady could maybe use the rest room over there but…

somewhere along the journey she was predetermined to be

gender confused.

gender neutral.

gender nonspecific.

the local school board went nuts.

city council threatened new and improved zoning restriction.

state legislature legislated discriminatory peeing locations.

“you” can pee here but ‘you’ can’t pee there.

flags were raised.


meanwhile and somewhere on the undisclosed back burner…

proxy wars raged unreported and

young black men were killed by gestapo thugs and

the working poor were working for pee-nuts…

get it?

pee-nuts and not peanuts.

because where one pees when the urge arises is far more important than

where one dies when a life expectancy becomes…




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