there it is.

your all ameriKKKan candidates for POTUS 2016.

the trumpf vs the clinton.

the hallowed halls of hypocrisy shall ring with bluster and bullshit.

only about six months to go.

you know, until ameriKKKa actually gets around to holding the election.

the wait shall be interminable.

you’d think that ameriKKKa deserves better.

theoretically of course.

ameriKKKa deserves exactly what it gets.

you know like

cops murdering Black ameriKKKans.

political corruption.


corporate corruption.

wars of naked aggression.

war crimes and crimes against humanity.

janet yellen.

yellen gets tossed in the mix for being a midget.

yeah i said it.


however and in yellen’s defense, she is able to reach the ground and that i could suppose is all that’s important.

well and being able to remain there.

ameriKKKa deserves better than trumpf or clinton,

theoretically of course.


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