guns kill people

guns kill people.

particularly, assault weapons like the AR-15.

ameriKKKans being slightly unhinged and twitchy on the best of days should not be allowed to have access to assault weapons.

it’s not that hard to understand.

however, the ignorant bitches that infest the united states senate are outright owned by the national rifle (retarded?) association.

so mass murder and various “other” atrocities will continue unabated in these here united states of nervous breakdown.

of course it isn’t just the senate that is shamefully unhinged. congress in the over all is freaking nuts. state legislatures are freaking nuts. local governments are freaking nuts.

ameriKKKa has gone freaking nuts.

just about anywhere out there in the vast ameriKKKan countryside, every last semi-conscience ameriKKKan can rest assured that some fool somewhere holds the bullet with their name on it and a military grade assault weapon to put that bullet in.



you dead!

ameriKKKan as 2nd amendment can be.


3 thoughts on “guns kill people

  1. But the House democrats have staged a ‘sit-in’ and so that should help!

    *Serious ‘eye roll’* In fact, my eye just rolled completely out of its socket and I’ve got to go because it’s on a roll!

    Thanks Skulz!

    Liked by 1 person

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