30 pieces

i hope that bernie got way more than thirty pieces of silver.

bernie caved.

i could suppose it was inevitable.


his “endorsing” killary is distasteful.



yeah yeah

the trumpf is a nazi pig.

that’s about a no-brainer.


shamelessly stupid cow to say the least.

an endemic malaise envelopes ameriKKKa and

done is done.

anyone know if it’s fairly easy to expatriate to Costa Rica?



2 thoughts on “30 pieces

  1. Don’t bother going to Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama or Belize as those places have been ‘AmeriKKKanized’. Hence, the reason why I have not yet left this hellhole. And I am not going to Thailand and Vietnam, not happening.

    Good luck! We are ALL going to need it!

    Oh, and great post, btw! I cannot say that I was surprised. Bernie Sanders was a setup from the beginning and I cannot believe how many people took the bait. Hitlery Clinton and Bernie Sanders were in cahoots from the start.

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