scenario –

trumpf wins the presidency. it could happen.

considering how the ameriKKKa holds the killary in utter contempt, trumpf pulling off the trifecta isn’t so far fetched.

anyway and meanwhile back on the remainder of Planet Earth,

trumpf swindles the presidency AND

the remainder of our “civilized” world takes a rather dim view of stupid ameriKKKans and

the nations get together to consider how imminent the existential threat from a trumpf lead ameriKKKa is to the Planet.


the nations decided collectively that the ameriKKKa will have to go.

you know

the way of the red tennis shoe.


the ameriKKKa gets scheduled for a surgical preemptive strike so as to eliminate that looming existential threat of a trumpf lead ameriKKKa and hello nuclear armageddon.

the ameriKKKa and trumpf are reduced to nuclear dust and the world gets on with the business of global business and the ameriKKKa is remanded to the dust bin of arrogant irrelevance.

it could happen.

by the by

did you know that one can’t hear a pterodactyl go pee?

it’s true on account of

the ‘p’ is silent.

paleontologist joke no doubt.



8 thoughts on “pterodactyls

  1. A Trump presidency sure could happen and if it does, I am going to have to eat a hat because I made a bet with someone that if Trump won, I’d eat a hat. Now, I have got to find a really, really small hat! And then it is Bon Appétit for me!

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  2. Karma usually doesn’t work very quickly, I’ve been told, but anything is possible at present… Will the donald even make it to the election without getting bumped off? Who’s running this rock show? So much bizarro, it’s almost unbelievable.

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    • unbelievable no doubt. the point can be made that the ameriKKKa has gone totally insane. collective schizophrenia. the trumpf is bad and killary is worse, the crazies are packing guns, and the social climate is damnably scary. i think the world will have to preempt the ameriKKKa so as to insure global calm.

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