mongrel morons

to make ameriKKKa “great” again…

remove every standing member of congress.

alive or dead

it really doesn’t matter.

start that great ameriKKKan experiment in democrazy over.


remove BOTH the ruling political parties.



ameriKKKa is suffering a terminal case of institutional corruption.

corporate corruption.

political corruption.

send the bieber back to canada.

build a wall around europe.

somebody bitch slap tony bliar.

and then

and then

pray that both the trumpf and killary

have an up-close and personal encounter with an assassin’s bullet.

i’m just saying.


3 thoughts on “mongrel morons

  1. What Shelby said!!!!

    Speaking of assassins … why haven’t there been any???? She’s so evil even Osama bin Laden is afraid to face her??? She’s so evil men can’t look at her without turning to stone (and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout THAT part of their anatomy)!!!! She’s so evil HITLER runs and hides from her in fear!

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