5 thoughts on “bare

  1. These graphics have a different sort of look from your previous work and I do SO love them! But you know what this particular tree reminds me of? Autumn! The season I most love when the leaves have turned and fallen off the trees and a hint of crispness is in the air. Maybe I am in a nostalgic mood, but the barrenness of this tree makes me long for Autumn days, Skulz! Thank you!

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    • thank you Shelby. I trying different stuff as i am fucking fed up with ‘campaign 2016’. killary…trumpf…judas priest, what a straight up disgrace.
      oh yes and,
      autumn is my favorite time of year as well. be well and be bold. you do that in championship fashion.

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      • we would have been hot hot hot. you know…i can’t understand why it is that the killary nor the trumpf haven’t been assassinated. not that i’d wish any evil on either of the fuckers. no, i wouldn’t ‘wish’ any harm on them. HOWEVER, i am praying for the fickle finger of karma to plant the smackdown on the pair of them. good lord almighty, what is the holdup?

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      • Since I have been called a witch many times over and other things as well, I have been attempting to evoke the dark powers and aim it at those two, but unfortunately, word from the ‘Dark Powers Association'(DPA) is that they are on their payroll. So, I gotta come up with Plan B! LOL!

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